Happy Customers: Growth Strategy by Embrix

by Feb 8, 2021Embrix Platform

If you offer any type of digital service to your customer, customer satisfaction and customer obsession should be your topmost priority. If not, you might be doing it wrong.

Before continuing to the gist of the blog article, here are some amazingly simple and powerful quotes on the same topic. The idea is to reset your thought process and make these aspects of your business be part of the active memory of your brain, the files that might have taken a slightly back seat against what is really required.

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down simply by spending his money somewhere else.” – Sam Walton

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

“You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.” – Dale Carengie

“It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back.” – Seth Godin

“Here is a powerful yet simple rule. Always give people more than they expect to get” – Nelson Boswell

“If you don’t appreciate your customers, someone else will.” – Jason Langella

Hopefully, with that settled, let us tie this to your business goals and see and how it helps you. This is just re-stating the obvious. Your business goals are:

  • Customer Retention – continuity and higher predictability of your recurring revenue.
  • Organic Growth – Provide more value to the customer and grow your business organically with Cross Sell and Up sell capabilities. It does not have to be your own services; it can be services from your eco-system of different types of partners.
  • Strategic Business Growth – New customers, new markets, new verticals, new geographies -all of this leads to increased revenue. The principles of Customer Retention and Organic growth remains the same, the sensitivities of the customer base need to adjust.

How Embrix can help with these priorities

Customer Retention

An informed customer is often a happy customer. If the customer is well-informed and has all the right tools and levels of data available to them, they will feel more empowered, more engaged and would have to be less on the phone with you. 

Embrix Self-care

Embrix Self-care capabilities provide your customer with the right level of information, tools, reports (current or historic data), invoices, credit notes, payment compliments, account statements, and a host of many more that will leave your customers well informed with all the tools at their disposal. 

In an exception scenario when customers engage with you, your agents and the customers would be talking the same language over the same data set to enable you to address their concerns faster and more meaningfully.

Embrix Self-care provides you the right tools to bring in your short marketing content (links, advertisements, videos, images, etc.) that your admin can configure using Embrix Core UI and your customers would see that seamlessly in real time with Embrix Self-care. You achieve all of this without truly taking over their experience that they want or without overwhelming them with the abundance of information.

Customer Notification

With customer preferences considered, the Embrix platform can ensure that the customers are well informed about the current or upcoming activities. With a wide range of Customer Correspondence setup, your customers will receive the text/email at the right time for the right choice of content you want to share in the right format you want to share. View more of our features on our platform here.

Unusual Demand

With the current environment around COVID and with incomes of many individuals and businesses impacted, customer retention has become a challenge. Embrix Order management capabilities will allow you to pro-actively engage with such demographic of customers and bring them to a lower package with Contract Amendment or Downgrade orders. This will show your customers that you care. When the situation improves, you could proactively engage them and do a Contract Amendment or Upsell/Cross-sell orders.

Organic Growth

Grow your business by providing more value to your existing customers, whether it is with your own value-added services or additional value-added services from your eco-system.


Seamlessly setup the offers to upsell your services, or cross-sell services from your other business units or from your partner eco-system. Manage that with Embrix Upsell/Cross-Sell orders. Embrix has you covered from the partner revenue sharing model to ensure that you can comfortably and in quick time bring new services to the market. Embrix supports the management if inter-company transactions and journals. 

You have the right tools with Embrix Reports and Dashboards to look at this data pro-actively and plan your upsell strategy to a target group of customers.

Contract escalators for multiyear contracts

For multiyear contracts, put in your contract escalators with customer orders to increase your revenue automatically using the Escalators. The Escalators provide you the flexibility to selectively apply them to your escalators for your recurring, usage or one-time elements of the contract or to all of them.

Strategic growth

Sign up new customers, launch new services, launch your services in new markets, new verticals, new geographies, all are supported with strategic growth with Embrix.

Trial offers

For your new services for new geographies for new verticals or markets, feel empowered to roll out your services with the right level of Trial subscription support. You can support Trial subscriptions with the same packages as your paid customers for flexible trial durations. Embrix also provides you with the right capabilities to support both ‘Opt-in Trials’ and ‘Opt-Out Trials’ sign-up. The order-management then provides you or your customers the complimentary orders to Opt-In to become paid immediately or at the end of the trial term or opt-out and finish the trial subscription automatically at the end of the trial term.


With the Local language support, Embrix tools are readily available in the language for the region you want to launch. This can address the local customer immediately. By the time you roll out the new service, Embrix tools can be ready with the additional languages that you need to support for your business. 

Embrix capabilities

The Enterprise level capabilities that Embrix supports and all through Embrix UIX setup, you can have a peace of mind and launch new services to the market with a significantly faster time to market.

Technology & Architecture

Embrix is a cloud micro-services architecture. If your volume metric is expected to grow exponentially, we have all the right levels of multi region deployment with horizontal and vertical scalability. If Embrix is part of your growth strategy, this will be ready much in advance of your launch of new services or penetration into new geographies and verticals.

The new age technology foundation for Embrix will also ensure that any local or additional development for new geographies can be significantly faster. Embrix will fit in your growth plan and timeline so there’s no need to plan for Embrix separately or additionally.

The right solution can truly change the face of your business. Visit our website or reach out to us to learn how Embrix can help with that change by keeping your customers happy and engaged.