Accelerate growth and revenue.

Data at your fingertips


With range of dashboards from various functional groups, insights into your customer, revenue and operations is at your fingertips.

Manage a wide range of reports with pre-built filtering capabilities to customize the data set.

Embrix reports cover all functional areas and provide additional reports for data reconciliation and revenue assurance.

Download EXCEL/PDF format for any report or email it to you yourself at the click of a button.

Pricing and Discounting Strategies

New Product Pricing
  • Price skimming
  • Penetration pricing
Differential pricing
  • Negotiated pricing
  • Periodic discounting
  • Random discounting
Psychological Pricing
  • Multiple Unit pricing
  • Reference pricing
  • Bundle pricing
Promotional Pricing
  • Price Leaders
  • Special event pricing
  • Bundle pricing
Embrix Models
  • Flat
  • Flexible Recurring
  • Metered Recurring
  • Quantity/Balance tiers
  • Progressive/prospective tiers
  • Customer attributes
  • Transaction attributes
  • Usage attributes
  • Complex (combine two or more of the above)

Billing & Invoicing


Manage your customers with Embrix flexible Billing options: anniversary billing, manual billing, billing at sign-up, billing at contract termination, hierarchy billing, corrective billing and all your taxation needs.

With simplified invoicing, credit/debit notes templates, you can also add customized messages to invoices for each invoicing run.

Manage your customer issues easily with flexible AR operations activities against the bill and invoice.

Revenue Management


Configure your revenue tracking and reporting needs with our Multi Organizational and Product Family setup.

Supported revenue types include License, Subscription, Transactions, Time, Expense.

Revenue Recognition – Immediate, Auto amortization, Deferred, Manual/Auto recognition of deferred revenue, milestone configuration based,  multi-product or multi-unit revenue split, term-end true-up.

You can manage your ledger, sub-ledger report accounting and accounting period closure.

Support for ASC-606.

Pricing Hub

Unleash the power of Embrix Pricing hub for managing small or large catalogs with simple to most advanced pricing and discounting models. Embrix includes the Item master setup.

Customer Hub

Manage your customers and customer contracts with flexible contract and renewals terms with a range of order types to meet your demands. Embrix supports Opt-In and Opt-Out trial subscriptions with flexible terms.

An all-in-one platform

Billing Hub

Powerful Billing and Invoicing engine to support manual, one-off or anniversary billing and invoicing, including simple to complex rating/discounting and taxation with high volume usage-processing and all configurations managed through UIX.

AR Hub

Provides flexible support for various types and levels of Adjustments, Disputes, Settlements, Write-offs. AR Hub includes automated Collection schedule with provisions for manual actions.

Embrix UIX

Our robust UIX provides the interface for all Hubs management through flexible Roles and Permissions support. Embrix UIX offers your end-customers self-help support to minimize customer service efforts.

Operations Hub

A host of pre-built, flexible Dashboards and Reports. Operations Hub enables you the complete support in the UI for Users Management, Jobs and Job Schedule management, and automated Correspondence messages.

Revenue Hub

With flexible support for Revenue Recognition models and managing ledger and sub-ledger, Revenue Hub provides all the essentials to manage your books.



  • Cloud Vendor Agnostic
  • Cloud Region Agnostic
  • Private, Public, Hybrid cloud
  • Single/Multi Tenant Cluster
  • Multiple Region Deployment


  • Gateway Integration Architecture
  • Zero-code integration –  End Points, Request Mapping in the UI
  • Custom Record/Attributes Framework
  • Extensive Breadth/Depth of capabilities
  • Transparency with the Roadmap


  • Cloud Micro services architecture
  • Services architected, designed and deployed for independent & intended purpose


  • Reduce your Operations Budget 
  • User and Jobs Management in the UI
  • Range of Reports, Dashboards for insight on customers, revenue and operations.
  • Flexibility in building correspondence, invoice, credit/debit notes templates


  • Horizontal and Vertical scalability with Decoupled Micro Services 
  • Flexible, seamless and independent scaling of the micro-services against their load demand


  • No 3rd party pass through license fees
  • No database licenses
  • No datacenter management
  • Savings on operations management
  • Smaller SI cycles
  • Latest technology – speed of delivery
  • No long EULA list
  • Significant TCO saving and faster TTM


  • Vault Service Management
  • VPN Service
  • Secure HTTP protocol
  • PCI compliance
  • Data encryption


  • Over the last 22+ years, we have implemented various vendor solutions for different verticals in different geography.
  • Deep industry knowledge and lessons learnt over the years laid the foundation of Embrix platform.

Operations management visualized

Flexible user management for all your functional groups – Customer Care, Financial, Collection Agents, Pricing Admin, Billings Operations, etc.

Manage your Daily/Monthly operations in the UI – Configurable job schedules with a range of pre-configured job-types, automatic or manual job schedule execution, jobs stats

All your operations processing and re-processing needs – we have it all covered in the UI.

Keep your customers informed by Auto delivery of a range of pre-configured correspondence messages

Data security is important. We understand.

All traffic uses secure HTTP protocol. You can manage your own secure vault including your personal encryption keys and encryption key rotation policies.

VPN service is included for routing all your access traffic, along with PCI Compliance for payment data and data encryption – PII, Row, Table, Schema or Database level.

Cloud Deployment Options


Cloud Vendor of your choice

Cloud Region of your choice

Cloud Type of your choice (Private, Public, Hybrid)

Multi region deployment

Dedicated Vs. Shared cluster deployment (single/multi tenant setup)

Monitor your Embrix Deployment with Kibana Elastic Stack

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