Order-to-cash, Revenue Management platforms and gateway integration frameworks catered to the needs of your business. 


Contract/Order-to-Cash is a business process that enables companies (small and large) to manage the entire life cycle of contract/order submission to receiving payments and managing the book of accounts beyond the subscription model.


Embrix partners in your growth, enabling you to scale as you grow your digital service offerings, customer base and revenue.


A version of our platform that will scale to the needs of medium to large enterprise managing high volume of customers and/or usage transactions with automatic scalability per the demand and provide full range of capabilities


Embrix platform that caters to the needs of new startups or small enterprises with demands of smaller customer and usage volumes. Your need to switch from Embrix-light to Embrix-enterprise will be managed with seamless and easier deployment.


Embrix tax engine provides support for all tax configurations including managing exemptions at various jurisdiction levels.


Tax Gateway

Integrate one or more tax provider(‘s) using our Tax Gateway.

Payment Gateway

Integrate one or more payment providers using our Payment Gateway

Finance Gateway

Integrate any ERP solution or application using our Finance Gateway.

CRM Gateway

Integrate any CRM, Point-Of-Sale or Ecommerce application using our CRM Gateway

Provisioning Gateway

Integrate any number of 3rd party applications for service fulfillment and provisioning using our Provisioning Gateway. Manage manual provisioning using provisioning UI.

Usage Gateway

Manage flexible usage processing framework for any number of product lines and/or type of rating (pre-rated, postpaid rating and soon to come prepaid rating).

Data Gateway

Data gateway for big data management and/or data warehousing.

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