What you’ll get with Embrix MSA

  • True partnership
  • Our commitment to Quality
  • Complete transparency with our roadmap
  • Capabilities that you would need in your current and future growth
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Speed and Efficiency of Roadmap Delivery
  • Assurance on Security
  • No Expense 3rd party licenses

(*) upon request

Private Secure Vault

Kibana Elastic Stack

Self-care Portal

Sandbox Environment

Agent Care Portal

Tier-3 Support
Tier-1,2 Support*
Training Videos*

Single or Multi-Tenant Deployment*

Why you need Embrix Product Support

Relationship Manager

Product User Guide

How-to Training Videos

Automated & Certified Deployments

Service Desk (Ticket Management)


TIER-1 Support
  • Basic Customer Issues
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Navigation Assistance
  • Information needs
  • How to Videos
  • Account Password Reset
  • Incident Creation
  • Processing Issues
  • Tier – 2,3 escalation
TIER-2 Support
  • Review Tier-1 notes
  • Manage Tier-1 escalations
  • Software Repair
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Solutions for user/customer facing problems
  • Design and test
  • Escalate to Tier-3
TIER-3 Support
  • Review Tier-1 & 2 updates for complex issues
  • Expert troubleshooting and analysis
  • Resolution management and certification of complex issues
  • Design and test the best solution possible
  • Find synergies with other issues for a broader solution fix.


Let us know how to support your business better.