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The common denominator for any industry offering any type of digital service is the order-to-cash and revenue  management lifecycle. It is imperative for the company in a any vertical to ensure that a right digital solution is in place to optimize business growth and profitability. The Embrix platform addresses common challenges across industry verticals with the support of Enterprise level capabilities.

Embrix for SmartCity/IoT

With advances in smart technology and the emergence of IoT solutions, companies will not only need a way to monetize their services but will need a solution to manage their order-to-cash life cycle. 

The Embrix Order-To-Cash Cloud Platform fits into smart city ecosystems and manages the order-to-cash process ensuring offerings are appropriately monetized and the business rules are defined to drive the process. 

Embrix for Healthcare

Healthcare enterprise and digital providers are shaking up the market with new creative SaaS models, B2B partner models, and wholesale revenue share models that requires a solution that can handle complex healthcare business scenarios.

Embrix can handle the simplest pricing structure to the most complete enterprise B2B pricing structure necessary to compete in the Healthcare market.

Embrix for Communications

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are ready to take their product and services in both B2B and B2C markets for the next wave of innovation applications, from 5G implementation and beyond. CSPs are facing challenges getting these new services off the ground.

The Embrix Order-To-Cash Cloud Platform enables CSPs to innovate new products and services in the market and integrate seamlessly into their network ecosystems to manage the complete Order-To-Cash life cycle. 

Embrix O2C and Revenue Management

Whether you are deploying a new digital service, digital content, or providing a software as a service, having a complete automated order-to-cash process to manage your business will be the lifeline of your business. 

The Embrix Order-To-Cash Cloud Platform offers a digitized automated solution so you can monetize your digital services in new and innovative ways to wow your customers.

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