Cloud Deployment Options with Embrix

by Feb 22, 2021Embrix Platform

The landscape

The world from the technology point of view wants to move to the Cloud. Reports from Gartner and others suggest that the overall market size for enterprise software to move over to the cloud is more than $60-70 billion and that is only the substantiated part of the data.

Where the applications are straight forward, the shift to the cloud is almost complete. For other enterprise softwares, lack of good, functionally rich cloud alternatives is still limited. Companies either must compromise on what they will get vs. what they are used to, or they must continue to wait for the right alternatives to show up on their horizon. The established enterprise brands have the advantage of Brand Equity, but so much of their technology and architecture is old that it is relatively and extremely hard for those products to use and provide the true benefits of the cloud to their customers. It would require a significant re-structure and re-development effort for those brands while still ensuring that the large number of customers on their platform are least disrupted with the shift. In the interconnected enterprise architecture, the integration components need to work seamlessly with the move to the cloud.

All of this is discounting the fact that the cloud technology is rapidly evolving as well and with each passing day so much more value-added capabilities are being added that customers are going to demand getting some, if not all of the value-add on a regular basis.

We expect that the trend will be more favorable towards new products that are envisioned, architected, designed, and developed for the Cloud. The examples of this is very clear all around. If you pick CRM space, SFDC has become a de-facto standard. Other Cloud CRM players are gaining momentum at breakneck speed. The ERP space is no different. They all provide the true benefits of the Cloud infrastructure with their products. The new and emerging players provide a Cost competitive advantage to the customers.  

O2C and Revenue Management

Order to Cash and Revenue Management is another enterprise domain where there are quite a few of cloud options available, many of which cater to specific market or segment or size of the customer and in many cases, it is the direction of those companies. There is nothing right or wrong about it. However, this limits many customers world over who are still in their on-premises landscape and are still looking for the right option to move to the cloud. Some customers have moved to the cloud with one of the few good cloud options available but many of those customers in their growth journey, now want lot more in terms of capabilities and scaling but are limited to what they have.

Embrix and cloud options

Embrix is a complete Order to Cash and Revenue Management platform that strives to provide the enterprise capabilities with the scalability needs of your current and future volume matrix. Embrix is also a complete Cloud Micro Services Architecture platform that was built designed and architected for the cloud.

Following are the options that Embrix provides to the prospect customers:

Cloud provider

Embrix is Cloud provider agnostic and can have the deployment to any cloud provider of your choice.

Cloud region

Embrix is Cloud region agnostic as well.  With governments realizing that DATA is the new GOLD, all of them want the data to be Local. Embrix is Cloud region agnostic as well and will deploy to the Cloud region of your choice or the Cloud region closest to you.

Cloud tenancy options

Embrix also provides price competitiveness with Cloud tenancy options. Medium to large enterprise may require a single tenancy deployment with their dedicated Kubernetes Cluster. Other startup/small enterprise may be fine with a Multi-tenancy options with a shared Kubernetes Cluster. Embrix also provides the option to switch from a Multi-tenant deployment to a Single Tenant deployment when appropriate with your growth journey.

Multi region deployment

Embrix also supports multi region deployment. This can be most suited for Medium to large enterprise providing them with the SCALABILITY, but also the necessary failover and higher availability. Embrix provides the right combination of ACTIVE and PASSIVE node deployment across multiple regions.

Cloud monitoring

Embrix optionally provides the cloud monitoring capabilities with Kibana Elastic Stack to continuously monitor and use the dashboards to see your instance of the Embrix Deployment and see how and when each micro-service independently scales up/down to meet to your demand needs.

To know more about Embrix and Embrix Micro Services architecture or Embrix Cloud deployment options, reach out to us and see how Embrix can help address those concerns. Schedule a Demo with Embrix.